Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our site and Corporate Health Insurance.

What is Corporate Health Insurance?

Corporate Health Insurance is designed to ensure that if any of your employees need medical treatment, they won't have to wait weeks in NHS queues, and they wont pay for any treatment either. Your employees get diagnosed and treated quicker, and the option of staying in a private hospital.

There are many different Corporate Health Insurance policy types, which offer access to specialist drugs and treatment, diagnostics, scans and surgical procedures.

Can anyone get Corporate Health Insurance?

Yes! Most companies can get corporate health insurance, but always make sure to check your documents before you take a policy out.

Why have Corporate Health Insurance?

Gives your employees access to a GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through either phone or web.

Helps reduce your employees short term absence from conditions such as back and joint pain and more.

How much does Corporate Health Insurance Cost?

Depending on your specific policy, Corporate Health Insurance cover can start from just £0.80p per day!

How long does the cover last for?

You can choose how long the cover lasts for, most insurers offer short and long term policies.

Can I still get cover if my employees smoke?

Yes! Your quote will be tailored to your employees lifestyle, and prices will vary.

How soon can I be covered?

As soon as you take out a policy! Just complete our simple online form, and compare quotes from the UK's top health insurers, then decide in your own time, what quote is best for your employees.. simple!

Are there any charges for using this website?

NO! All services on this website are COMPLETELY FREE!

Do you offer any other insurance products?

Yes! Although we specialise in Corporate Health Insurance, we offer a quote comparison service for a number of other insurance types including:

Income Protection, Life Insurance, Private Health Insurance and Business Insurance.